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WELCOME to Second Look

Second Look is the Bristol based artist led creative photographic group meeting in central Bristol on a monthly basis. Our aim is to promote and develop the creative photographic skills of our members throughout the area and to encourage more people to fulfil themselves by this activity.

We accept members of all ages and at all levels of skill from beginners to advanced, so why not join us if this sounds like it might be of interest to you. Non-members are welcome to come to a meeting or two to see if it suits them before joining. We meet each month at The Drawbridge public house in St Augustine's Parade on the centre in Bristol. See our Facebook page for meeting dates and times.

Bristol People Bristol Places Book

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After two very successful exhibitions in Bristol, Second Look have published a book of a selection of images based upon the exhibitions' theme.

This high quality book contains some 62 individual unique images created by members of Second Look in full colour or monochrome depending upon the photographer's technique. Some were captured with film, others by digital means, but all have been created with the skill, care and creativity of dedicated artist photographers.
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After several extremely successful exhibitions in the last few years Second Look are pleased to announce their 2017 OPEN EXHIBITION as part of the Second Look Festival of Photography in Bristol.

Submissions are invited for the Second Look Open Exhibition based on the theme of "Change", some definitions include: the act of becoming different, or the result of something becoming different:

others idioms: adjustment alteration blip change changeover conversion crossover departure deviate diachronic drift ebb ebb and flow idiom evolution evolutionary flip-flop fluctuate flux gradation metamorphosis modulate movement paradigm shift perversion punctuated equilibrium rearrangement rebranding reform regime change reversal reversion revolution rhythm sea change shake-up shift speciation step change swing switch tide transfigure transformation transition translate transmogrify transmute turnabout turnaround twist variation vicissitudes.

Submissions by 31st December 2016
Exhibition dates: Thursday 23rd February to Wednesday 1st March 2017
Exhibition venue: Hamilton House Gallery, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY
Judges: Martin Edwards, David Morgan-Davies, Michael Richards RWA RIBA.

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